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My approach in supporting CFS/ME is much more than changing diet. Of course rectifying nutritional deficiencies and improving gut and hormonal health are essential, but with a condition as complex and multi-faceted as CFS/ME we must look even deeper and examine every aspect of our lives: sleep quality, stress/anxiety management, negative behavioural and thought patterns, personality sub-type predispositions, toxic overwhelm, environmental stressors, physical and mental  pacing, life purpose and emotional well-being.

It is important to recognise there are different phases within CFS/ME which present with different symptom severities, so what may be well tolerated and beneficial in one phase many be detrimental in another. For example, starting detoxification or body work in a 'Total Crash' phase, when the body has very poor resilience, could be harmful. However, outside a crash phase, this will be massively supportive. Physical & mental pacing should also be tailored to the phase you are currently in.

As a holistic practitioner my approach to healing is to support the body’s systems that are shown to be most under stress. As shown below, this imbalance (via either an up- or down-regulation) of multiple Body Systems can account for the varied and wide ranging symptom pattern experience with CFS/ME.

Body Systems Most Commonly Under Stress & Associated Symptoms


Autonomic Nervous System: 
Anxiety; insomnia; unrefreshed sleep; easily overwhelmed; jittery feelings; intolerance to bright lights, loud noises or busy environments; depression; racing mind; repetitive thoughts; inability to cope with every-day things; unexplained pain; burning sensations; muscle weakness, migraines, visual disturbances and dizziness.

Endocrine System
(Hormonal Function: Adrenal, Thyroid, Neurotransmitter):  

Physical, emotional and mental fatigue; crashing; irritability; weight gain; cold intolerance; loss of Libido; PMS/Infertility; frequent urination; palpitations; disturbed sleep/wake cycle; mood swings; depression; inability to concentrate; impaired memory; shakiness relieved on eating; energy slumps; nervousness and extreme hunger.

Digestive System:

IBS; bloating; constipation; diarrhoea; reflux; belching; trapped wind; food sensitivities; intolerance to alcohol; and malabsorption of nutrients.

Immune System: 

Susceptibility to bacterial, viral and fungal infections; recurrent Thrush, Bacterial Vaginosis or Athletes Foot; heightened immune responses; heightened histamine production: hives/urticaria, hay fever, sensitivity to high histamine foods; inflammation and Autoimmune conditions.

Lymphatic System (Toxicity overwhelm): 

Skin irritations and discolouration; oedema; swollen lymph; joint pain and stiffness; muscle aches; headaches; brain fog; mood and cognitive issues.


Glymphatic System (Leaky blood/brain barrier): 

Brain Fog, Cognitive dysfunction, Confusion, Aphasia, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Inflammation, Headaches, Peripheral Neuropathy.

Mitochondrial (Energy dysfunction):

Persistent fatigue no matter how much you rest; delayed onset fatigue; payback after exercise, muscle weakness / pain and premature ageing.

It can feel totally overwhelming when having to deal with such an array of symptoms on a daily basis. With so many Body Systems in need of support a gradual approach must be taken by necessity. The order of support is important and I liken it to peeling back the layers of an onion, we must start supporting the crucial outer layer before we can peel back and reach the inner layers to support those areas. 



CFS/ME Reboot Programme?

The CFS/ME Reboot Programme: A 3 Phased Programme


>   Learn how to eat in a way that turns the dial down on your symptoms

>   Identify and rectify nutritional deficiencies

>   Reduce anxiety by calming the stress response

>   Improve sleep quality

>   Change mindset and create new daily habits that support health

>   Start digestive and Immune system support

>   Identify hidden energy depleters in our life and learn how to self-protect from them

>   Learn how to reduce your exposure to environmental toxicity

>   Start gentle Detoxification

>   Start liver support to facilitate Phase 2: Gut Healing Protocol

>   Support energy production (cellular/mitochondrial health) 

>   Start gentle adrenal support

>   Improve overall resilience in the body

Phase 1 consists of an Intake Consultation and at least 2 (1.5hr) Follow-up Consultations.


Two working days after each consultation you will receive a personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Protocol. A few days later, I will also telephone you to talk through any questions you may have.


Consultations take place at 1-month intervals to allow plenty of time to absorb the information given and to gradually implement the new dietary and lifestyle practices recommended. Each follow-up consultation allows your progress to be analysed before moving on to new topics.


This is the most information intensive part of the programme and you will be asked to make a lot of changes to many aspects of your life. In order to retrain your brain it is essential to establish a healthy daily routine and to engage in daily practices that promote balance and healing in the body.

Throughout Phase 1 we will start to test for and rectify nutritional deficiencies. In addition, I will also get you to conduct a number of simple home test that you can conduct yourself. We will discuss Functional Testing options that can pinpoint optimal nutrition needs as well as a range of markers around nutrient absorption, digestive function, micro-flora balance, microbial overgrowths, gut permeability, toxicity, fat / protein / carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, oxidative stress, hormonal balance, thyroid function and more.

This programme is completely personalised and how quickly someone can move through the programme will depend upon the individual health of each person and their commitment to implement change.


PHASE 2: Gut Healing

During Phase 2, consultations focus on deep cleansing/detoxification, intensive digestive and immune support by undertaking a Gut Healing Protocol which typically takes at least 4 months to complete and the results of your functional testing will allow me to tailor this protocol in a very targeted way. 


Digestive health is closely linked to many chronic illnesses and improving gastrointestinal permeability, correcting gut dysbiosis and supporting a healthier gut microflora is instrumental in improving digestive symptoms, absorption of nutrients, improving food sensitivities, strengthening immune function, reducing inflammatory responses as well as improving mood and many other symptoms.

During this phase of deep cleansing and detoxification, it can be common to experience a Herxheimer's reaction or 'healing crisis. This can be a confusing time as it may mean certain symptoms increase before they start to get better and this can be somewhat demoralising. This healing crisis is always very individual and the length of time and range of symptoms experienced will be totally unique to you. During this time, it is important to have in place strategies that support the body's detoxification and elimination pathways and I will work with you in Phase 1 to improve all these processes so that any reaction will be as minimal as possible. I also offer email support to clients in between consultations so they always feel supported and have guidance during this time.


Please note, clients must be in an 'improvement' phase before they can undertake Phase 2


Consultations focus on intensive adrenal and thyroid support and longer term immune support. 

During Phase 3 the time between our consultations will start to increase as it is no longer necessary for us to meet monthly/6 weekly, consultations will move to 3 or 4 monthly as you transition towards self-sufficiency.

Emotional Wellbeing 
Throughout our consultations we will explore many areas that might be negatively impacting your health and which might be driving a dysfunctional stress response (eg: recognising personality traits and behavioural patterns, negative thoughts, unconscious behaviours, unprocessed grief or trauma, early life events, life purpose, environmental burdens. For those requiring support with emotional healing and/or life purpose coaching, I will make referral recommendations to other practitioners and I work in association with an organisation who specialises in offering this type of support specifically to CFS/ME clients.


Cost of Consultations

INTAKE Consultation                         4.0hrs

>  CFS Information Pack sent in advance

>  Review of Health Questionnaires
    & Blood Work Analysis                  1

>  Intake Consultation                        2.0hrs

>  Protocol Debrief                            0.5hr  


FOLLOW-UP Consultations:         

> 1.5hr Consultation + Debrief           £150

> 1.0hr Consultation                         £100

>  0.5hr Consultation                        £65 

>  Functional Testing Interpretation Fee  £35

Please Note: The CFS/ME Reboot Programme is carried out at whatever pace each client's individual health and progress permits. Therefore, the length of time and number of consultations needed to complete the programme will be unique to each client. As a general rule, Phases 1 and 2 can be completed within 9 months.

Telephone Discovery Session

For more details on my approach in supporting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME
please book a complementary 15-minute telephone call.


CFS/ME Reboot Programme For?

  • Anyone who is tired of waiting for a miracle cure and wants to take action now.

  • Anyone who is frustrated or confused with the help they have received so far.

  • Anyone who wants to support their health naturally by regaining balance in their body systems.

  • Anyone who wants to take control of their own health.


CFS/ME Reboot Programme For?


  • Anyone looking for a quick fix.

  • Anyone who does not believe they can get well.


Crouch End: The Haelan Centre, 41 The Broadway, N8 8DT

Online Consultations

The majority of my consultations are conducted via Zoom which enables me to support clients
from all over the UK and Internationally. 
For 6-8weeks of the year I am based in Australia.

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