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Susan Woodward conducting a nutrition consultation
Adhoc Consultations


Initial Consultations

Upon booking an Initial Consultation you will be sent a detailed Health Questionnaire and 3-day Food and Lifestyle Diary which need to be completed, and returned electronically, at least 2 days in advance of our appointment. This information allows me to prepare in advance and maximise our appointment time together.

During the consultation you will be asked detailed questions in order to understand: 

  • your medical and health history; 

  • your current health status and health goals;

  • your symptoms in relation to each body system and how they affect you;

  • your current eating, drinking and lifestyle habits.

We will agree together the approach you would like to take with your health goals so that it suits the realities of your day-to-day life. Your personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol will then be formulated and emailed within 2 working days. This will include a detailed summary of your dietary changes including recipe ideas and informative factsheets to help support you. It will also include lifestyle recommendations and, if relevant, a supplementation plan to support any nutritional imbalances. If relevant, it will also include GP and Functional Testing recommendations.

Initial consultations are conducted via Zoom.

Initial Consultations last 90 minutes and cost £180.

Note: CFS/ME clients must book a CFS Intake Consultation, full details here.


Follow-Up Consultations

Follow-up consultations are generally scheduled 4-6 weeks later. These enable me to monitor your progress, gain your feedback and facilitate continued improvement by making refinements to your care plan. This is when I really get to know you, what you can manage and where you require additional support. Any testing that has been carried out will also be discussed and interpreted during these consultations and a new personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol will be emailed within 2 working days.


Follow-up consultations last between 1 or 1.5hrs. Often the first follow-up consultation and any follow-up consultation where feedback on functional testing is given or where there is a lot of discuss will take 1.5hrs.

Follow-up consultations are conducted via Zoom.

1.0hr Follow-up Consultation costs £120

NB: For every Functional Test conducted an interpretation fee of £35 is added to the consultation fee.


Mini Consultations

Mini consultations are a great way to check-in with clients who are undertaking protocols that needs some supervision but when a full consultation is not necessary. These consultations are conducted via Zoom.


Mini Consultations last 30 minutes and cost £70. 


The full cost of a consultation is charged for cancellations made with less than 24 hours' notice.

Please get in contact asap to avoid being charged.

Functional Testing


Functional Testing

Unlike standard tests which are often focused on identifying disease states, functional testing focuses on identifying the many levels of imbalance that can be occurring years or decades before we actually reach a disease state. Functional testing can help to confirm underlying imbalances or suboptimal function and enable a more targeted and individualised nutrition programme to be devised. They can also help to monitor your progress as you work through your programme. 


A range of functional tests are available to explore: nutrient status and deficiencies, metabolism, detoxification, digestive health, adrenal function, stress response, thyroid function, food intolerances and parasitology. 

Please get in touch regarding specific functional tests.



Fernanda A, London

“Susan is an excellent nutritionist, providing both knowledge and support. I contacted her after years of feeling tired all the time, regular outbreaks of herpes and getting ill easily. Following her tailor-made protocol, my health has improved considerably. Her advice and guidance made me understand the importance of a balanced diet and making the right food choices. My skin looks much better, I have more energy, have had no colds or outbreaks for the past 8 months and to top it all off, I lost weight in a healthy way. I would definitely recommend Susan to anyone.” 


Alison C, Derby

When I came to work with Susan I was struggling with lingering gut issues and food sensitivities and some brain fog. Although I'd done protocols before to rebalance my gut flora I knew I hadn't fully regained my health and I wanted to clear my brain fog and improve food sensitivities.


Susan has been very knowledgeable, thorough and listened to what was going on for me. I recently tried out eating a few different foods and had no digestive issues afterwards which was fantastic! My brain fog is also clearing.

The protocols have been detailed and informative but also easy to stick to and implement. Thank you Susan!


URSULA McL, St Leonards on Sea

“I came to see Susan for advice on a range of health issues. Susan suggested a number of diet and lifestyle changes that were easy and practical to incorporate. After functional testing which revealed a number of nutritional deficiencies and other biomarkers I undertook a gut healing protocol. With Susan's support and following her recommendations I was very happy to find that my symptoms quickly disappeared and I found my overall health much improved. I feel that I have learnt a lot from working with Susan and will continue to apply these techniques in the future.” 


USHMA P, London


LEE P, London

“My consultation was very insightful and has really motivated me to get back on track with healthy eating and exercise. The changes were simple to put in place and have made a positive impact on my health. I highly recommend Susan in helping others with their health goals.” 


BEL B, London

“I am a vegetarian who has suffered with recurrent viral infections for many years. My consultations with Susan were very informative. I felt totally comfortable discussing my symptoms and the advice given was easy to understand and implement. As a result, my resistance to viral infections and my overall energy and stamina have all greatly improved. It has been a great inspiration to continue with a healthy lifestyle and I am looking forward to learning new tools in future consultations.”

“Meeting Susan was like finding a guru for a new lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and was struggling with symptoms (weight gain, brain fog, pains, depression, hair loss, tinnitus etc). My cholesterol was very high with no apparent reason and my vitamin D levels super low. My Endocrinologist put me on Statins and told me there was nothing more that could be done apart from waiting the destruction of my thyroid gland to start thyroid hormone treatment. It was then I meet with Susan and started to follow her nutrition and lifestyle advice. In just one month my health started to improve. My thyroid and cholesterol levels are now within normal ranges. Both myself and my doctor were surprised by the results.” 

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