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Susan Woodward
  Nutritional Therapist  


Read more about my

fully supported CFS/ME Reboot Programme.


Replenish Nutrition

I’m Susan Woodward, a registered Nutritional Therapist trained in the principles of Functional Medicine. Rather than focus on symptom suppression, Functional Medicine seeks to address the root cause of health issues by looking at the body holistically and by regaining balance in our Body Systems: Immune, Digestive, Endocrine (hormonal), Nervous, Lymphatic, to name a few.

Who I Support

I can support anyone wishing to unravel their energy issues, digestive problems, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, sleep disruption, mood, anxiety and stress dysfunction. I provide comprehensive protocols that go way beyond just changing diet – I will look at every aspect of your life.

My particular specialism is supporting those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) / Post Viral Fatigue and I provide a fully supported CFS/ME Reboot Programme designed specifically to unravel and support the layers of dysfunction typically seen with this very complex, multi-faceted health condition. This programme is also relevant for anyone struggling with Long Covid.

My passion in supporting CFS/ME stems from my own battle with this illness and it was during my quest to regain my health that I was inspired to study nutrition. As a result, I passionately believe in food as medicine and healing from the root cause. Read more about my personal journey to wellness.

Do You Experience any of these Symptoms?

  • Feeling tired all the time – even after resting

  • Severe energy crashes after normal activities
  • Brain Fog

  • Impaired concentration and/or memory

  • Unable to multi-task

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Overwhelmed by things that never used to bother you

  • Shakiness/Irritability relieved by eating

  • Multiple food sensitivities and digestive issues

  • IBS style symptoms

  • Frequent food cravings: Sweet or Salty

  • Often feel as though you are coming down with something

  • Trouble getting to sleep, disturbed and unrefreshed sleep

  • Feeling cold all the time

  • Mysterious symptoms that come and go

  • Do you have a list of symptoms as long as your arm!

Do You:

  • Feel confused by all the conflicting health information?

  • Want to understand why you have so many symptoms?

  • Want to support your health naturally?

  • Want to do more than just manage your symptoms?

  • Want to get your life back?

Read more about my

fully supported CFS/ME Reboot Programme.

Book a complimentary

15 minute telephone appointment to discuss your health goals

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